About us

More about me and the SEE company

My name is Marcin Menet, I’m Polish. I am CEO and Founder of SEE Robotics and GATE Enterprise. Back in 2007, when I was 16, I learned about the power of microcontrollers. 
The capabilities of the microprocessor systems made an indelible impression on me. I started dreaming. I invested the 25 dollars I got as a birthday present in my first homemade microcontroller based on an electronic circuit. To help me out, my dad, borrowed an analog oscilloscope from the school where he worked as a teacher.

GATE Enterprise

This was all I needed. When I was 18, I already had my first product and I opened my first company: GATE Enterprise. In the following years my cousin – a brilliant engineer, Damian Wojtak and my sister, a great strategic manager, Gabriela Menet joined me as GATE business partners.

Today, after 14 years of hard work, GATE Enterprise hires more than 70 people and sells advanced electronics worldwide.


See Robotics

In 2019 once again I decided to build a startup in my home. I opened SEE to fulfill my other dream: to build internet-controlled robots that solve daily problems. I hired a fantastic team of engineers and invested all my money in developing the first SEE product. Nothing beats a home business with employees coming in every workday – the cats were excited, the girlfriend not that much. The company moved after a year to a brand-new office with a production hall.


SEE Billy the robot prototyping from Marcin on Vimeo

Billy the Robot

I've often struggled with making video content on my own. Since I like to be independent, I came up with the idea that the ideal solution is a robot following me with a camera. This is how Billy AI the camera operator was born.

The design of an ultra-silent and stable robot was a new adventure and a true challenge. I believe Billy will be a great tool for Youtubers, Tiktokers, Vloggers, and many other Creators. You can also use Billy in everyday situations in your home.